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  • WORDLE updates

    In a previouis post I discussed my approach to “solving” the game of WORDLE. In the meantime I have discovered quite a few excellent works about the subject, the game has been sold to NYT and even more clones can be found, some quite interesting.

    These are a few closing observations.

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  • Barış Manço - Gülpembe

    Originally posted October 2020.

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  • Evolution and identity

    A recent study investigates the relation between evolution acceptance and evolution knowledge using largish numbers of students (mostly enrolled in biology related university programs) from many European countries. The authors are European researchers from many universities, supported by EU funding.

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  • Can WORDLE be always solved?

    In the past months the Twitter has been overtaken by stacks of colored boxes. It is the fault of a new words-game: WORDLE. Free and with a minimalistic design the game has received a well deserved attention.

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  • Geographic centers of Romanian counties

    For those lacking travel destinations I have a map with geographical centers (centroids) of each Romanian county. For the moment only latitude and longitude to be checked in Google Maps.